Cultivate Leaders

The Four Quadrants of Leadership…Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking . . . each bring a facet to leadership that is powerful when utilizing your unique talents and strengths. The process includes strengths discovery, open feedback and dialogue between the manager and team members along with a how-to approach.

Your leadership style is unique to you and is expressed through your top 5 strengths. Your strengths, when exercised and focused on engaging your team, produce superior results as well as quality leadership. Great leaders invest in building their strengths and managing their weaknesses. They also create relationships with their teams that invoke genuine interest, transparency, and optimism, especially as they face difficult times and economies. But, exceptional leaders take it a step further.

Exceptional leaders know how to use the right strength for the right outcome, tailoring the strength or its intensity for each employee. Their teams want to follow them. Knowing your leadership style and how it lands on the team can be the breakthrough needed to help you retain your personnel. It can help you create the confidence, balance, compassion, and realistic expectations that teams crave, which ultimately diffuse burnout and stress, and heightens retention.