Engage Teams

Every organization has its own unique culture and every team within the organization has one too. Culture describes the ability to communicate, cooperate, share, give, and receive help. It is a matter of survival. Yet, some teams do not display these behaviors toward positive outcomes. Instead, they are either NOT engaged — productive, but not psychologically connected to their company, or actively disengaged — satisfied with their job, but show up going through the motions without feeling a connection with their organization, manager, or coworkers let alone the customers.

Successful and highly productive teams are fully engaged and interdependent. They use collaboration, communication, and creativity to achieve clear and compelling goals and celebrate performance results. These teams discover their strengths and learn how to intentionally use them to bridge gaps and forge powerful partnerships. They value their talents and strengths and those of their colleagues. They mindfully seek ways to build cohesiveness while embracing their uniqueness.

What’s more, their managers give feedback that helps the team link their work to the mission of the organization so they know that their contributions make a difference, which is a powerful motivator and important to a person’s psychological and physical health.