Strengths Coaching Transforms
your Workflow and Workplace

Strengths Coaching transforms
your workflow and workplace.

As you begin to incorporate the strengths knowledge and concepts, your management style will develop and adapt toward an employee-focus, which brings out their best behaviors and successes. Those in turn create higher productivity and strong team engagement. Ultimately, for the organization, it increases profitability and attracts talent for sustainability.

Icoach managers who want the best for their teams, and who are willing to enhance and modify their leadership style.

Icoach managers who want the best for their teams.

Do you want effective operations and processes for your staff members and teams?
  • Understand how your Strengths influence your distinctive management style
  • Create a work environment that enlists trust
Are misunderstandings and confusion affecting your bottom line?
  • Embrace clearer communications through the Strengths language
  • Learn the management style needs of your staff members for success and retention
Are you positioned to be the most productive and profitable for the next quarter?
  • Motivate your team through your Strengths
  • Effect a Strengths Strategy Plan for greater performance outcomes and productivity
  • Manage the company culture with Strengths interventions
Overall Strength Leadership Outcomes
  • Understanding the managers’ current management style and how their talents and strengths influence their style
  • Clearer communication of expectations of the manager for their team and its members
  • Enhanced understanding of team member’s strengths, limitations, work style, needs and aspirations
  • A working Manager Style Profile and Strengths Profile document for each team member
  • Strengths strategy plan for performance outcomes

Three preliminary 90-minute sessions for each manager includes:

Ready to create an organizational culture built on Strengths?