“Marianita has added a whole new dimension to our team development through her expertise as a Strengths Coach.  By working with Marianita, our staff has greatly benefited in learning about their colleague’s strengths and how to better communicate with one another.  I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Kelly J. Zúñiga, former CEO, Holocaust Museum Houston and Principal, Kelly Zuniga Consulting

Marianita initially assisted my advancement team in identifying our strengths and working together to advance the mission of St. Agnes Academy.  The information that she helped us learn about ourselves and our working strengths and weaknesses allowed us to grow personally and professionally. We became more cohesive as a team which ultimately led us to more effective leadership and financial success in raising more dollars for our institution. As a result, I continued working with Marianita personally to help me identify my individual next steps on my own career path. Her guidance and encouragement in helping me to identify further strengths gave me the confidence to make a substantial change in my profession, yet allowed me to stay at the institution that I loved. It was a win-win for me professionally and personally! I ended my career in a position that I loved and one that truly spoke to my strengths. I was happier and very fulfilled. It made retiring that much sweeter knowing that I had wrapped up my career in such a good place.

Elaine Henderson Eichelberger, Retired, former Chief Advancement Officer and Dean of Students, Saint Agnes Academy and Board Member, Angela House

I met with Marianita while I was on a sabbatical- I was in an uncertain but curious place in life. I had left a good but very stressful job as the environment was contentious and was dealing with changes in my personal life. At that point, I was evaluating and questioning my thought process, priorities, and decisions.

I worked with Marianita for a short period of time, but in that short period she had a significant impact on my outlook on life and people. In our sessions, she created a safe space for an open and honest discussion – she genuinely cared, which made every visit meaningful. A combination of Marianita’s style and the tools she introduced me to, allowed me the opportunity to have a better perspective on my past experiences AND gave me insights and tools for future interactions. I very much appreciate and am employing what I learned from Marianita – she is an excellent coach and a good friend.

Fariba Mehdizadeh